Critical Illness Insurance

Critical Illness policies are designed to provide a tax-free sum of money to assist an insured in adapting to his changed circumstances caused by a life-threatening illness. Most of the companies cover 25 illnesses.

Most Critical Illness policies at least provide benefits for a qualifying life-threatening occurrence of the “Big 4” conditions:

  • Heart attack;
  • Stroke;
  • Cancer;
  • Coronary bypass surgery.

As an optional benefit (rider) many Insurance Companies offer their Critical Illness policyholders the opportunity to add a return (refund) of premium clause to their contracts that would pay back some, or all, of premiums previously paid by the policyholder should the insured die or the policy expire with no claim ever having been filed.

Drug and Dental Plan

In Canada most of the health care is provided through the Federal Government of Canada, some of the health care is provided through private sector which is not covered by your provincial health care is called Extended Health Care, which benefits plan members in getting following coverage through Health Insurance providers at some cost.

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Extended health care may include some or combination of following:

  • Hospital care: semi-private hospital room in the plan member’s province
  • Prescription drugs: medication prescribed by a doctor
  • Medical services and equipment: private duty nursing, ambulances, crutches, hearing aids, etc.
  • Paramedical services: chiropractors, neuropathology, podiatrists, etc.
  • Vision care: eyeglasses and contact lenses
  • Dental Care: Dental and oral health

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